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Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Inns North

The Amundsen Hotel

in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

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Welcome to Gjoa Haven

Gjoa Haven is at the heart of the search for the Northwest Passage and is home to the informative Northwest Passage Park. Roald Amundsen wintered before his successful discovery of the Northwest Passage. The area is also the last known location of the Lost Franklin Expedition. Gjoa Haven is located on King William Island. The community's name is taken from Amundsen's small ship, the Gjoa.

The Inuit here are Netsilik Inuit and are known for their seal-hunting prowess and arctic survival skills. They are very traditional people who still use dog teams for travelling. They hold drum dances often and enjoy throat singing. Many still wear traditional caribou clothing.

While steeped in history, the modern aspects of this community include a:

  • 18 hole executive golf course
  • new arena
  • skating rink
  • curling rink

The community of Gjoa Haven

The Gjoa Haven golf course in winter

Winner of the dog-sled race

Roald Amundsen


While you're in Gjoa Haven:


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