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Gjoa Haven Outfitters

Inns North

The Amundsen Hotel

in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

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Gjoa Haven Outfitters and Guides

The Gjoa Haven outfitters and guides can help you organize the ultimate Arctic adventure. Whether you want to:

  • go dog sledding on the tundra
  • spot caribou and musk ox
  • enjoy bird watching for geese, swans, falcons and ducks
  • go fishing for arctic char, trout, cod or whitefish
  • see traditional Inuit spear fishing
  • hunt big game
  • watch the polar bears
  • follow the trails of the Roald Amundsen's hunt for the Northwest Passage
  • see the last known location of the Lost Franklin Expedition
  • learn about Arctic survival
  • attend the annual fishing derby held each summer at a lake near Gjoa Haven.
  • travel to Honeymoon Island and Hovguard Island to see the ancient camp sites

a good guide is the key to a spectacular arctic adventure.

Winner of the dog sled race in Gjoa Haven

Near Gjoa Haven

Hunter on the land near Gjoa Haven

Dog Sledding near Gjoa Haven

Dog sledding near Gjoa Haven

Sir John Franklin's Boats

Sir John Franklin's boats at King William Island near Gjoa Haven

Tent Rings

Tent rings on Honeymoon Island

Gjoa Haven Outfitters and Guides

Hunters' and Trappers' Organization

Phone: (867) 360-6028
Fax: (867) 360-6913

Hamlet of Gjoa Haven

Snowmobile rentals
Phone: (867) 360-7141

Franklin Mystery Tours

Bombardier Rental
Phone/Fax: (867) 360-6362

Northwest Passage Historical Society

Phone: (867) 360-6925
Fax: (867) 360-6008

Boat Rental & Guides



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