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Gjoa Haven Inuit Art

Inns North

The Amundsen Hotel

in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

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Gjoa Haven Inuit Art

The sculpture of Gjoa Haven has a tendency toward distortion and expressionism in human and spirit faces and bodies. The sculptures of Gjoa Haven often combine stone with:

  • whalebone
  • ivory
  • musk ox horn

Gjoa Haven sculptors have worked with a translucent green stone but often carve in the harder dark green and black stone.

Gjoa Haven is home to many excellent stone sculptors including:

  • Nelson Takkiruq
  • Paul Aaluk
  • Bob Konana
  • Ralph Porter
  • Joseph Squkshaq
  • Uriash Pukiqnak
  • Judas Ullulaq

You can buy their work at the Kekertak Co-op in Gjoa Haven. A local women's group, Quqmaq's, sells finely crafted:

  • wall hangings
  • kamiit (sealskin boots)
  • parkas



Shaman Face

Bob Konana - Shaman Face

Shaman Hunter

Ralph Porter - Shaman Hunter

Shaman Kidnapped Child

Uriash Puqiqnak - Shaman Kidnapped Child


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