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Gjoa Haven Hotel Services

Inns North

The Amundsen Hotel

in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

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Gjoa Haven Hotel Services

Gjoa Haven has traditionally been the meeting and resting place for Inuit travellers for thousands of years. The hotel is named after Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer who discovered the Northwest Passage. Experience Arctic hospitality at its best at The Inns North Amundsen Hotel in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut. As operators of the local co-operative, our experienced staff can easily arrange supplies, food, transportation and accommodations for your Arctic adventure.

The Amundsen Hotel was built in 1995 and can accommodate up to 32 people in 16 rooms (four of which are suites). Each room has private bath, TV, and in-room coffee service. Room rates are $275 CDN per person. The hotel has a full service dining room featuring local dishes and home style cooking. The staffs here are very friendly and love to bake, so be sure to try their delicious pies and cakes. There also is a conference room for meetings and special events. Carvings and jewelry are available here from local carvers who sell their work to the local Co-op.

  • private bathrooms
  • conference facilities
  • business support services
  • coffee service
  • cable television & radio
  • in room telephone and internet
  • complimentary airport shuttle service
  • vehicle rentals
  • rooms $275 CDN per person
  • traditional and Canadian cuisine
  • catering
  • laundry

Free Airport Shuttle

Gjoa Haven

The Amundsen Hotel

Front Lobby

Aerial view of Gjoa Haven


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